Community Service

My adult life has been dedicated to public service.  I have served our beloved city as a firefighter, our wonderful state in the National Guard, and our great country in the Army, overseas during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.  My life journey of public service was inspired by the example provided by my parents, my extended family, my church, and my community.  My father the Reverend Sol Prophett, with his big smile, big voice, and big heart, taught me to serve by leading from the front.  From my mother Lillie Mae or Lil, as she was called back in the day as a waitress serving customers at the Big Louie’s Restaurant, here in Avondale and the West End.  From her, I learned that service is about helping people, which is etched in my heart.  From my uncle John R. Davis, or Uncle J, I learned moral and personal courage, integrity, and financial literacy, as he was the first African-American, that I knew, to build a home in North Avondale, at that time a predominantly White neighborhood.  Uncle J also taught me the value of community service as he introduced me to Prince Hall Freemasonry.  I became a Pythagorean, a young auxiliary of the masonic order, I would ultimately become a freemason.  The value of community service is why I pledged the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated at UC, a member of the Divine Nine family of Black Greek Letter Organizations.  All of these traditional African-American organizations’ core mission is about service and helping people.