Military Service

As a young child I remember seeing my two eldest brothers, Sol and Big Ed in their military dress uniforms.  Inspired by my big brothers, who had served in the Army during the Vietnam War, I decided to continue the Prophett legacy of military service.   I enlisted the Ohio National Guard as a private in the first of the 147th Infantry Battalion.  I was so taken by the Army‘s culture of service, and a desire for greater opportunity, that I sought become a commissioned officer.  I applied to Army’s Simultaneous Membership Program or SMP.  As a SMP I would learn how to become an army officer by enrolling in the Reserve Officers Training Corp or ROTC, while at the same time I would get particle leadership experience as a cadet in the National Guard.  This meant that I had to continue my academic life at UC.  In June of 1984 I, was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army

The 32 years that I spent in the army were the most transformative of my life.  I have held many positions, such as an adjunct instructor for the ROTC Marauder Battalion at Central State University.  In 2011, I was deployed overseas and served as the Deputy Director of Plans, and Military and Civilian Affairs for the United States Army Central.  I have firsthand experience in the collective and collaborative decision making that is required to achieve our nations’ strategic and operational goals.   My year-long overseas deployment in a combat zone was taxing, stressful, yet enlightening.  Nevertheless, to my wife Sonya, I love you, thanks for caring for our daughters.  And to all military families that hold it down, I thank you for your sacrifice.   When I returned home from War, I was more focused and more dedicated to making the fire department and our city better.