I am building my campaign on the need for equity, social justice, public safety reform, community health, public service, and building a great city for young Cincinnatians.

I have spent my adult life in public service, specifically domestic and national security, as well as public safety.   The forty-plus years I spent in service for the common good has shaped my purpose in life.  From my childhood rearing, my experience while serving, my formal and informal education, my civic involvement, all of which have solidified my purpose.   My transition from civil service to a private citizen has provided me with the opportunity to advance my purpose without restrictions, being unencumbered, and unfettered. 

My purpose is to seek equity (health and social-economic) by truth-seeking and understanding.  Through courageous leadership, I seek to affect real and measurable change for the city, particularly the underserved.  I will foster mutually respectful relationships, evidence-based grassroots collaborative decision making, and the creation of public policies with emphasis on our children’s sustainable future.  I will be guided by my core values to do what is right, what is just, and what is fair