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As a first-time candidate, one who rejects the “same old same old” political mindset. I have pledged to do what is right, fair, and just. I support Issue 3; we must not continue to” kick the can” of affordable housing down the road or develop measures that throw pennies at the problem. We must go big!

I am appalled, as a lifelong Cincinnatian, at the tactics that have been used to divide us along racial, and socio-economic lines. This latest tactic by the Republican Party (WHERE WILL THE AFFORDABLE HOUSING GO?”) is an abhorrent example of using race to divide us. It should immediately be disavowed by all area political and civic leaders. I will not waver in my support of Issue 3.

If it fails as Mayor, I will continue to fight for a solution needed by the many men and women who daily serve us in essential roles but are overburdened by the cost of housing

March 18, 2021

Press Release

Raffel Prophett will support the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) Amendment.  After gathering and analyzing the information, as well as listening to the citizens of Cincinnati, I have concluded that the AHTF is the best opportunity in decades to address the affordable housing crisis in our beloved city. After years of neglect by our leaders at City Hall to adequately address affordable housing, I applaud and celebrate the dedication of affordable housing advocates in their sustained efforts to bring a solution to this crisis to the voters of Cincinnati.  Now it is up to the voters of Cincinnati to decide if the AHTF amendment will be the means to help solve the affordable housing crisis.

I reject the naysayer’s assertion that the AHTF will wreak havoc on the city’s budget, as nowhere in the amendment does it mandate how to fund the AHTF. Further, if elected, as the Mayor of our beloved city I will commit that the AHTF will not be funded off the backs of essential services. We will seek alternate funding sources. 

For far too long the political leaders of our beloved city have kicked the affordable housing crisis can down the road. It is time to make affordable housing a reality for all Cincinnatians

From the beginning of my campaign, I have stated that my path to Mayor will be forged by my promise to be a courageous, creative, and selfless leader. I will break the same old same old mold of Mayor. I will not be the “savior” Mayor pontificating as if I have all the answers. But I will lead from the front through greater collaboration with the citizens of Cincinnati.

Raffel Prophett

2021 Mayoral candidate



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                           March 1, 2021

I will not heed David Mann’s demand for mayoral candidates to oppose the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) charter amendment.

 I’m displeased that Council Member Mann seeks to take a leadership role in opposing the AHTF charter amendment, which may become a wedge issue, when he had years to address the affordable housing crisis.  I am also disappointed that candidates Senator Cecil Thomas and Clerk of Court Aftab Purval so quickly joined Council Member Mann in opposing the amendment.

 For decades members of council, including Mann and Thomas, have kicked the affordable housing can down the road.  Since the leaders at City Hall have failed to act, advocates for affordable housing, through civic engagement, collected more 9500 signatures in support of the AHTF charter amendment.  Obviously, the civic engagement that it took to gain support for the amendment did not occur overnight, but it is the result of the lack of leadership at City Hall. The charter amendment has now become a wedge issue, with public safety as the hammer.

 I spent 32 years, as a firefighter, dedicated to the safety of the citizens of Cincinnati.  As a retired Chief Officer of the Fire Department, I will not make any decision that will jeopardize the safety of our citizens, nor our dedicated men and women who serve in public safety.
 As a retired public servant leader who has put the needs of the common good above all else, I will base my decision on the AHTF charter amendment by gathering and analyzing information and listening to the citizens I will serve. Ultimately, I will follow the core values I learned from my military service: do “what is right, what is just, and what is fair.”

 Yet again, as a city, we are faced with another crisis.  It is my belief the corruption and affordable housing crises is attributed to the overarching crisis that we face at City Hall – the “leadership crisis.”  As the next Mayor of our beloved city, I will end the leadership crisis at City Hall.

Prophett for Mayor



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